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Monday, July 7: Cassill giving away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle!


Have you heard about the "Hot Rods and Harleys Cruise Night" at the Chrome Horse Saloon?

Cassill Motors is teamed with J&P Cycles, the Chrome Horse Saloon, and Bud Light to give away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle!  Here's how it works:  Each month, come out to the Chrome Horse on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Enjoy the entertainment of various bands and get your name in the drawings!  Lots of prizes are given away, and one of the drawings is for a key.  On the last event (September) all of the key winners will try their key in the bike - one of them will take it home!  

It is a fun time, with a car show attached - come out this Thursday and say HI!!!

Friday, July 4: Happy Independence Day from Cassill Motors


Cassill Motors is closed today for the holiday. 

Please remember to take time today to honor a veteran.  

Wednesday, July 2: TOP PRIORITY - Save the Date 7/31



Car Care Awareness Class/July

Save the Date:  July 31, 2014  6PM
Bring your teen - or your friends teen - or your neighbor's teen!

All tire changes, all night! 


QUESTION: (from our Car Classes with a local Drivers Ed Program)

"Do you know how to change a tire?" 

The #1 ANSWER we get to that question is: 

"No, but I'll just call my Dad. I don't need to know."

***More than half of the kids at one class thought it would be ok to drive home on the flat and have Dad fix it when they get there..... (in case YOU don't know, that would destroy the wheel and could be very dangerous)

A note from a MOM who's daughter has completed the class: 

"My daughter is now familiar with where the jack stand is and the crow bar that came with her vehicle. If she reaches me, and if I am able to come help, she will be waiting with that crow bar in hand... just in case the "white van" that we all know about stops to "help" her..... THANK YOU FOR TEACHING HER THAT!!!! She also knows that if she can't reach me, she doesn't have to be afraid. She can take care of it herself. I think she is actually excited to get her first flat tire!"


Seriously, these are the things we have to teach our kids! If we can't be there, then teach them how to take care of it and not depend on some stranger stopping to "help." Our sons need to know these things too. And they can learn at....

Cassill Motors Car Care Awareness Class!

describe the image

If you agree, then bring your kid (age 14 - 101) here:

July 31st at 6PM. 


  • They will learn how to change a tire, and come home with a glove box guide to keep handy. 
  • They will have some "tips" that the owners manual doesn't give.
  • They will be empowered by this knowledge.
  • They will be that much closer to knowing "everything" like they think they already do....

The will not be SOLD anything - this is not a sales presentation. There is no cost, no sales pitch, nothing to buy. We love kids and want them to be safe.

We will feed them too!



Tuesday, July 1: Test Drive Tuesday at Cassill Motors


You guessed it....

Test Drives are free all day!

Happy Tuesday!

(actually, they are always free)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 30: Monday Maintenance tip from Cassill Motors


Please do NOT drive through standing or rushing water!

This is very dangerous for you and for your vehicle - please stay safe in the storms tonight and tomorrow!

rain resized 600

Saturday, June 28: My Car Geek with Jay Cassill today at 10AM


My Car Geek Hour at 10AM today!

Call in and ask Jay your car questions between 10-11AM: 

(319) 365-0600 or 1-800-332-5401

AM 600 WMT Radio 

Have you seen the new car geek website?  

check out 

Jay Cassill is My Car Geek


Wednesday, June 25: Cassill Car Care Class is tomorrow!


"All about tires from a man with 4 fingers"

Have you heard about Car Care Awareness Class?  Cassill Motors offers this class for free on the last Thursday of every month.  This months topic is tires - a very passionate topic for Jay Cassill.

Come to the class and Jay will explain to you how we need to have a healthy respect for our tires - speaking as a man who knows.  Jay lost a finger in 2002 because of a tire.

Jay Cassill, Car Geek

This class is one of my favorites!  It lasts for about an hour and we serve diner too!  

Please RSVP by calling Shelly at 319-396-2698

or at this link: -Cassill Motors Car Care Awareness Class


Tuesday, June 24: Test Drive Tuesday at Cassill Motors


You guessed it.....

Test Drives are free all day!

Happy Tuesday!

(actually, they are always free)

Happy Tuesday!


Thinking ahead.....

What are your plans on Thursday?

It's Car Care Awareness Class!



RSVP with Shelly or at this link:


Monday, June 23: Online Customer Reviews for Cassill Motors


This weekend, I went to an event downtown.  Before I went, I read the reviews about the location that it was being held at.  Have you ever done that?

Planning a vacation?  I'll bet you read the reviews for the hotels and other places where you plan to go...

Need a new toaster - that's right, find out what everyone else is saying!


These days, customer reviews a very valuable, for any business or product.  What are people saying about the product or the services that you are looking for?  The internet has opened the door so that you can get opinions from everyone.

Have you had a great experiance with Cassill Motors?  Have we needed to fix something for you? What's your story?  Today I would like to ask our customers, to please - share your review of Cassill Motors!  Be honest and be fair - we appreciate your feedback!  

I will ask you to follow these 2 "rules":  

#1- If there was a problem, please explain how you asked for us to help you and what our responses were.  If you have not asked us to resolve the issue for you, please pick up the phone before you write a review.  We cannot fix what we are not aware of.

#2- If you did not purchase from us, please say so in the review.  Also, say where you did purchase from and why.  Please be kind.

Thank you!


Here are some places where you can give your opinion of Cassill Motors.  If you know your salesman's name, please include it in the review:

Our website:


We appreciate your business!  

Wednesday, June 11 through Saturday, June 21: ....Zero


Cassill is giving Zero!

0% Financing, that is.  All vehicles qualify - stop in and see us today!

0% Financing at Cassill Motors




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